Black Belt In Proactive-Wellness

Are you ready to experience abundant well-being with just a few simple, sustainable changes?

In Get Your Black Belt in Proactive-Wellness: First Degree, you will discover 7 Portals of Proactive-Wellness, which will revolutionize the way you view your life, circumstances, health, and relationships.


You will learn how to:

  • Communicate with and program your body’s intelligence to improve its functionality;
  • Create sustainable changes in your life with much less resistance and far more ease;
  • Create more harmonious relationships, especially with yourself; and
  • Improve the quality of your life in all areas.

By the time you finish Get Your Black Belt in Proactive-Wellness: First Degree, you will know just how in control you are of your life and experience, plus have access to make substantive—and sustainable—changes. Are you ready?

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Advance Praise

This book has helped has challenged my reality, changed my perception, and transformed my life.

- Lindsay Jacobs

“Everything is simple, practical and applicable..I look forward to getting my second degree – Bravo!”

- Lauren D.

“I have read many books about health and wellness but this book ties everything together mind body and spirit.”

- Camille Clarke
“This book is excellent. Inside are great tools you need to help change your life for unlimited possibilities . Thanks James for sharing your gift to the world at this perfect moment in time”.
- Alicia Janes

“This book is amazing. It came into my life at exactly the right time and brought me a new perspective and motivation. I highly recommend this to everyone. A great gift or book club addition. This book is written with care and intention. James knows a lot and shares his knowledge in a way that provides context and evidence of growth! 5 stars through and through!” .

- Janita P.

“I highly recommend this book as it has inspired me to make changes in my life for the better. I’m seeing positive results each day. Thank you James for being an inspiration!”.

- Jenna Rothschild
James T. Griffin

About James

One of James’s deepest passions is to help people awaken to create their lives with more purpose, passion and awareness.

James has been involved in the Proactive-Wellness Professional Industry since 2006 as that is when he graduated from the Ontario Hypnosis Center School. Since then he has studied many disciplines of Proactive-Wellness and has certifications in Hypnosis, Life Coaching, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Reiki, Chi-Kung/Qigong and Integrated Energy Therapy.

James also has over 7 years of experience in the world of Workplace Wellness with a high participation rate and very positive feedback. James also conducts seminars and does public speaking on various aspects of the Proactive-Wellness Education System.


By combining what he has learned and what he has directly experienced with himself and his clients, James has created the Proactive-Wellness Education System which is designed to help expand and upgrade your perception to create your life more enjoyably, consciously, deliberately and intentionally.