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The Career Foundation  – Recommendation

Developing Human Potential

February 1st, 2020

To Whom It May Concern,

Since early 2013, our organization has benefited from the guidance and support of James T Griffin, Workplace Wellness Consultant, through monthly consultation and on-call services to our team.

The Career Foundation has 8 locations throughout the GTA and close to 100 staff operating in challenging situations, impacting their mental and physical health. For us, working with James has been a very positive journey, representing an incredibly profound impact to the almost 40% of our team who attend his monthly sessions in each of our offices.

The non-profit sector is known for the emotional challenges that impact staff in this industry, making the use of an expert in wellness and lifestyle coaching imperative for our organization. Our decision to invest in this service was a well-researched and informed approach and we identified that in doing so we expected a high degree of results and support from our service provider. In working with James, that is exactly what we have received.

In 30 years in this sector, we have rarely seen an impact as positive and deep as James has had with our team members. To paraphrase comments from our team: “he changed my life” and “he provided me with an awareness of and the guidance to achieve a healthy lifestyle”.

If we were to describe James’ services to our team in one word it would be “transformative”.

It is with great pleasure that I recommend the services of James T. Griffin to other organizations. Key factors in providing such a recommendation include the incredible level of professionalism, tangible impact to our team and commitment to their cause, all of which was demonstrated in his years of service to our organization.

Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions related to this recommendation.

Colin Morrison
Executive Director
The Career Foundation
Direct: 416-918-2451

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The Career Foundation Testimonials 

“James, your wellness sessions are not only very informative but are always presented in a very entertaining way. You bring a vast amount of knowledge and humour to each session and if you cannot provide an answer to a question right away, you always go the extra mile to find out and follow-up at a later date. Your wellness sessions have made me generally more conscious of the decisions I make regarding my own personal health and nutrition, often prompting me to change my behaviour and habits along the way. I look forward to continuing to attend your sessions as I embark on my wellness journey.”

Toronto, Canada

Brent Chislett, The Career Foundation
“James and his positive approach to wellness have helped me gain valuable knowledge of both my physical and mental wellness. I especially enjoy his breathing and meditation techniques. The knowledge I have gained through his corporate wellness training has not only helped me in my personal life but has also had a positive impact on my work.
Using some of the techniques and habits James has taught I feel more focused and energized throughout the day.”

Toronto, Canada

Jesse Nichols, The Career Foundation
“I have learnt a great deal from James! His sessions are packed full of interesting information which is supported by research. I like to keep up to date with alternative therapies myself, but James is very knowledgeable and practices what he recommends. As a direct result of his suggestions, my well-being has improved. I feel very fortunate that we have James as a resource!”

Toronto, Canada

Irma LeBlanc, The Career Foundation
“I cannot believe that James has been providing us with influential and informative wellness training sessions once a month for the past four years. James opened my eyes to the way of healthy living by his professional and knowledgeable approach about

wellness every step on the way. I know a lot of the basic stuff in terms of the importance of healthy eating, exercises, and positive attitude; however, James’ role is more like a mentor and motivator. The topics he chooses are always helpful and constructive. I especially appreciated him for making such a positive impact on my wellness.
journey. The wellness session is definitely a very satisfying, pleasant and actionable learning experience and I am looking forward to continuing to attend the wellness sessions. Thank you very much, James!”

Toronto, Canada

Lisa Liu, The Career Foundation
“James, thank you so much for all of your help and advice in relation to my recent illness. The deep breathing and positive outlook audios that you made for me have been particularly invaluable and I use them daily. They really help me tap into the power of positive thinking and I am sure I am having positive results and improvements. Your advice on general wellness has also been particularly helpful. You are an excellent presenter with a depth of knowledge in your field. I would advise anyone to use your services”.

Toronto, Canada

David Quinn – Program Manager, The Career Foundation
“James, I just wanted to thank you for introducing me to all the amazing information and products you teach. As you know, I am a loyal participant of your wellness coaching sessions and look forward to them every month. Although I was skeptical at first, since attending your sessions I learned that being open-minded to new experiences can have a positive impact on not only the physical and mental state but on life in general. I truly appreciate the information you provide and respect that you don’t push opinions onto others, but rather encourage us to take away what is relevant to our own lives and experiences. Your passion for wellness and helping others in living a better, healthier life is evident in your work – thank you!”.

Toronto, Canada

Vicki Sahar, The Career Foundation
“My general health and wellbeing have improved over the past four years due to James’ wellness sessions. I gain benefit from the meditation and breathing exercises that we practice and find myself looking forward to the session each month. My knowledge and interest in both nutrition and essential oils have improved greatly and these are both areas that I have incorporated into my family’s daily life”.

Toronto, Canada

Kerry Kettle, The Career Foundation
“I used to take Anti – Inflammatory and Muscle Relaxer prescription drugs on a regular basis for well over 2 years. Thanks to all the valuable proactive wellness education and options James has shared with me through his workplace wellness sessions, I have successfully been off the drugs for 6 months now which has improved my quality of life both at home and at work. The natural options I have learned about work better, faster, and have no side effects. Thank You, James! You have changed my life”.

Toronto, Canada

Jenelle Deosingh, The Career Foundation
“James is a great facilitator and a master of his craft within the health and wellness field. He provides positive energy during his monthly sessions and makes you want to come for more. He is also passionate and helpful who is willing to go the extra mile for his clients. The value that he brings in that one-hour session provides an indelible impression and was truly inspiring to look into my own ways on how I can create a healthier living. I look forward to what more James can offer because I have no doubt it will be amazing! Thanks, James, for all that you do!”.

Toronto, Canada

Maricar Traballo-Conte, The Career Foundation
“I have been attending James’ sessions every month for over 6 months. I have to admit that he never fails to give us food for thought. In every session, James makes sure to address a topic that is different but highly relevant. I have incorporated his deep breathing techniques in my daily life and I find this extremely useful, especially given the kind of fast-paced work that I do. I would definitely recommend James to any organization or individual in need of some wellness and healthy living information”.

Toronto, Canada

Shantal Cardoz, The Career Foundation
“Hey James, I just wanted to let you know that today is my last day at The Career Foundation and also wanted to say that it was an amazing experience meet you and getting to know you; your sessions were always insightful and fascinating. I wanted to say that I enjoyed your company and the positive energy you’d always projected and inspired me to question the status quo and understand the bigger universe. I wish you nothing but the best, and I will look out for your book “Get Your Black Belt in Proactive-Wellness”.

Toronto, Canada

Saeed God, The Career Foundation
“Hi James, I just wanted to say thank you for the monthly wellness session, if only I could attend every session.  Last year was a very difficult year for me health-wise, we had one on one session and you referred me to quantum biofeedback. It was the best decision I ever made as she recommended me to take several supplement and vitamins; which help me with digestion, vitamin D deficiency and inflammation. I used to take prescription drugs for everything not anymore. Also, the handouts are very informative and I now share them with my family and friends. Thanks Again!”

Toronto, Canada

Asha Osman, The Career Foundation

“I have been attending James’ sessions every month for over 6 months. I have to admit that he never fails to give us food for thought. In every session James makes sure to address a topic that is different but highly relevant. I have incorporated his deep breathing techniques in my daily life and I find this extremely useful, especially given the kind of fast-paced work that I do. I would definitely recommend James to any organization or individual in need of some wellness and healthy living information”.

Toronto, Canada

Shantal Cardoz, The Career Foundation
“I feel extremely fortunate to work in an environment that emphasizes the importance of wellness and mindfulness. James is an extremely knowledgeable and approachable professional, and I could not think of someone better to present these sessions. The material is current, thought-provoking, and informative. James’ presentation style is entertaining and held my attention from start to finish. I believe that James sparks a genuine interest in those who attend his sessions in improving their personal wellness, and it is obvious that his workshops have highly benefited my colleagues in and out of the workplace. My co-workers were raving about the session for the rest of the day after attending. James not only provides valuable information in a tangible way but also offers incredibly useful tools and exercises that I know I will be using regularly from now on. James’ session far exceeded my expectations, and I will definitely be attending regularly from now on”.

Toronto, Canada

Jessie Helmkay, The Career Foundation
“I had first met James early in 2013 as he was contracted to provide wellness seminars at my place of employment. James is literally a ball of positive energy and brings light into the office every month. He is compassionate, attentive, and informative as he provides alternative solutions for several ailments. In the past few years, I had experienced some difficulties with my health including severe and painful attacks which seem to come out of nowhere. James has provided me with an outlet to discuss these attacks and together we discovered that deep breathing and guided meditation are helpful for calming the painful and stressful symptoms which accompany these moments. Thanks to James I have been happily using his hypnosis and relaxation tracks to help stabilize these issues and to practice mindfulness at the end of the day. Thank- you James for being a ray of sunshine and providing alternative solutions to life’s ailments. We are truly blessed to work for an organization that believes in our health and wellness and so glad that you are a part of my life”.

Toronto, Canada

Nicole M. Tieze – Program Manager, The Career Foundation
“James makes the impossible possible, so look no further! I first met James at the Career Foundation, my place of employment where he was conducting a workplace wellness presentation. At the time I was struggling with my addiction to sugar. To be exact, I used to eat one chocolate bar a day and yet still constantly felt tired. My craving was constant. I did not think it was possible to change my habit, but James is clearly a miracle worker. He made me a customized hypnosis audio that I listened to in the evenings and at first, I was skeptical that it would work, but it did! I rarely now crave sweets. In fact, for the last month, I only had a couple of dark chocolate candies and the best part – I was actually able to stop myself at just one. He made me a believer! I hope James continues his beautiful work because it clearly helps transform people’s lives”.

Thank you, James, from the bottom of my heart!.

Toronto, Canada

Eve Hart, The Career Foundation
“James you are a ray of sunshine that I see every month in our corporate wellness sessions! I wanted to thank you James for all of your positive and wonderful guidance, opinions, and information you share. You do a great job in informing us of what is out there, but you also give us the freedom to make our own choices. You have been a great support and help to me. Your holistic approach to health and wellness is something that is truly inspiring and motivates me to become a better person (emotionally, physically, and spiritually) – I know the changes I have made with your guidance has made me a better person! You have such warm energy and the skills and knowledge needed for this industry – I would highly recommend you, James”.

Toronto, Canada

Maninder Singh, The Career Foundation

“I spent well over a year attending James’ monthly sessions, never wanting to miss a single one! James is so warm, friendly, and passionate about what he does. His energy certainly brightens up your day and cultivates a sense of optimism within yourself. I have learned so much from James about health, wellness, the power of the mind, and spirituality. James is truly an inspiration and has helped me overcome several challenges I’ve faced over the time I spent attending his sessions. James offers valuable advice and support during his one-on-one sessions as well and has been a great mentor. I can’t thank James enough for the work he does, and the impact he has on his clients. James will go out of his way to help you reach all your goals, and the relationship you build with him, as a result, is one you will cherish forever.”

Toronto, Canada

Bismah Khan, The Career Foundation

“James is truly an exceptional and influential leader when it comes to wellness. His advice, honesty, and choice of topics have opened my eyes to a new realm of thinking through the connection of the mind-body and soul. I look forward to our monthly sessions and I can’t wait to see what else he has in store. His way of captivating an audience is powerful I would recommend him to anyone looking to educate themselves on wellness.”

Toronto, Canada

Christeen Narine, The Career Foundation

“James, I just wanted to thank you very much for your corporate wellness sessions. I appreciate your proactive approach in educating us about creating and maintaining a more conscious lifestyle as it really helped me to start improving my quality of life. Your wellness sessions helped me to make wiser choices in improving the way I think, eat and live. I am seeing results! Thanks again, James!”

Toronto, Canada

Ryan Latchman, The Career Foundation

“James has been an inspiration to me. He taught me that I’m in charge of my health and wellbeing. That is very powerful! Since I began attending this program, I have started exercising again following James’ easy yet effective method: aerobics, strength training, stretching, and balance exercises. Through James’ well-selected topics in his monthly sessions, I learned more about the mind-body connection and good emotional health. Now, I’m aware of my thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. Another very interesting component of James’ sessions is the ‘wellness news not in the mainstream media’ section which gives people the power to control their own healthy destiny. I will always mark my calendar for James’ monthly wellness sessions and I’m looking forward to the next one”

Toronto, Canada

Mohamud Mohamud, The Career Foundation

“James is an exceptional and truly knowledgeable person when it comes to personal wellness. He is like a library of information that continues to grow and grow. When queried, even if James doesn’t have the answer, he’ll not only go out of his way to find and provide an answer to what was asked, but also an explanation to what the question was. James is always investigating new ideas and concepts of ways to sustain and maintain one’s health for both today and for the future. Unquestionably, a man who practices what he presents. Ideas, thoughts, examples, and knowledge are presented; yes, scientifically proven knowledge. All with the passion and positive attitude you will come to appreciate. You need to decide for yourself. This guy is good!

So, thank you James for your ideas, suggestions, and real-life examples along with the personal guidance you’ve provided. Great energy!”

Toronto, Canada

Martin Fleet, The Career Foundation

“Hello James, I just wanted to say thank you for the corporate wellness session last month. I truly appreciate the empowerment I gain from learning the power we have over our minds. I gained an amazing perspective from the self-hypnosis/subconscious mind session. Thank you,”

Toronto, Canada

Zeinab Alamagan, The Career Foundation
“Hi James, I just wanted to let you know that I have not been sick for the past 2 and half years since attending your sessions. A few months ago, two friends of mine caught a bad flu and passed it to me but the amazing difference was they were bed-ridden for 2 weeks whereas I was only sick for one. I truly feel that it is because of your sessions that I learned to implement daily habits to keep myself healthy and happy.                                                             I am more aware and educated now about the mind and body and what’s out there in the wellness industry thanks to you…and thank you for always bringing in products for us to try out. I have never set foot in a health food store until I met you. Thank you, James!”

Toronto, Canada

Yenna Hua, The Career Foundation

” I wanted to thank you so much for your help in my journey in healing my body. I am in absolute shock at how quickly my body has recovered itself after the amount of internal bleeding I was suffering from with my ulcer. I have been listening to your hypnosis recordings every night before I go to my bed. It helps to remind myself to constantly visualize myself in a state of wellness and to think of solutions that I would like to my body in rather than the problem at hand. Through this daily routine of positive thinking, a change in my nutrition and natural remedies, I have seen no signs of bleeding for the past three weeks. I have never really been a fan of western/pharmaceutical medicine or treatments, but since you have assisted me in my journey, I am further convinced of the power of self-healing with mind, body, and spirit. Thank you so much, James, I am very grateful for all your support. It truly means the world to me “

Toronto, Canada

Harprit Gill, The Career Foundation
“James, I cannot believe that 4 years have passed by so quickly. Your monthly wellness session has been a reminder that we have to take care of our most valuable assets – our body and mind. Thank you for introducing alternative medicine, wellness news exercises for relaxation, superfoods, and endless recipes to improve our mental and physical health. Through your encouraging ideas, I am more mindful of my daily diet and exercise routine. Hope to see you at my 100th birthday celebration”

Toronto, Canada

Amy Leung, The Career Foundation