The term Proactive-Wellness was created as the word ‘wellness’ has often been used as a buzz word in marketing, which has significantly diluted its original meaning.  Proactive-Wellness is not just two words put together. It is a new term that represents a more updated level of perception, lifestyle and quality of life. It also represents a more evolved and expanded level of conscious awareness. Those who operate and create their lives with the Proactive-Wellness perception and lifestyle know and feel that we all create our lives, either consciously or unconsciously, rather than life just happening to us.

The Proactive-Wellness Education System is a cutting edge education system designed to enhance and upgrade your overall quality of life (slower aging, increased energy, stronger body inside and out, enhanced creativity, higher clarity, etc.) regardless of your current life circumstances.

Proactive-Wellness Coaching

James T. Griffin offers Proactive-Wellness Personal Training that will empower you to:

  •      Release tension and cultivate Relaxation, inside and out
  •      Let go of doubt, fear, guilt and self-sabotage
  •      Shift Your Perception away from problems and towards Solutions
  •      Create Life Changes More Easily with Confidence
  •      Increase Energy & Slow Down Aging
  •      Improve your overall Quality of Life

Discover and Exercise Your Untapped Creative Potential.

7 Portals of Proactive-Welness

Each portal is a very deep well. In the book Get Your Black Belt in Proactive-Wellness: First Degree, each portal is explored in great detail and the membership section of this website will explore each portal in even greater detail.